Automated Billing System

Enyecontrols' “Automated Billing System” is specially designed as end-user’s tool in 24/7 monitoring of meters for their billing purposes. It compiles all gathered data in real-time on all meters. It can convert data gathered in a graphical representation for more convenient way for data interpretation. Special software is used for automatically print out results on each meters. End-user has the capabilities to select data acquired in
daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The system can be used for building services, monitoring and billing. It is also a complete solution for building owner, admins, facility managers and consulting engineers making not just a
solution for reporting but for a true long term sustainable solutions.

The system provides comprehensive energy monitoring, Intel analysis, and billing including electrical, water, thermal and gas metering as well as up to date analysis, footprint of electrical, water and gas usage. End-users can configure targets for tracking heavily usage of energy per day, month and year.

    • Easy data acquisitions in tabulated or graphical form.
    • Multi-level password for data access.

    • Multifunction technology: The ENYE OMNI Controller is a
              BACNet Native Controller with a programmable port
              (each port can be programmed either on digital or analog
    • Facility Manager is incorporated with the controller for
               automatic email and SMS reporting.

    • BACNet native controller and devices. MODBus is
    • Configurable port parameters (0-10 VDC, 4-20mA, digital
               (dry) contact, Temperature, pulses) it can be either input
                or output.

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