Frequently Ask Questions

Step 1 : Go to or click the or click the "Sign Up" word in the upper right part of The website.
Step 2 : Filled up the needed information then click create account (Note: The email addres must be valid ).
Step 3 : An email confirmation message will be sent to your email and follow a series of step stated in the email confirmation message.
Step 4 : You can now log in your username and password in or click the "Login" word on the upper right part of our website.

Step 1 : Go to or click the word "Product" in the menu bar.
Step 2 : Select the Main Category of the product you want to purchase.
Step 3 : There will be a series of subcategory after clicking the Main Category, just click the subcategories until you reach the product model page.
Step 4 : In the product model page, search the model you want to purchase (Note: Customer can use the search bar on upper right part of the product model page,you can search the product model by name or by description or by a keyword) .
Step 5 : Click the "Add to Cart" button on right part of product model.
Step 6: After clicking the "Add to cart" button, the page will view your cart.
Step 7: There will be a two(2) buttons in the lower right part of your personal basket the "Continue Ordering " or the "Checkout" (Note: After clicking "Continue Ordering" button: repeat step 2)

Step 1 : After clicking the "Checkout" button in Personal Basket page, the page will go to the log in or register page (if the customer is not yet logged in or registered) but if the customer already log in their account proceed to step 2 .
Step 2 : After logging in your account the page will go to "Shipping Information and Payment Option" page , check the item/s you purchase , filled up the shipping information and the promo code (if any).
Step 3 : On the Billing Information part, select the mode on how you will get the item (pick up or delivery) then the mode of payment (Bank deposit or Paypal).
Step 4 : A Thank you message will appear after clicking submit button (Note : an order details message will be sent to your email together with the bank deatails (note: If you did not select the bank deposit as your mode of payment disregard the bank details))

Step 1 : Log in to with your username and password.
Step 2 : Call Us or Chat our customer service representative to create a promo code for you.
Step 3 : Once our customer representive is done creating your promo code a notification will appear on the upper right part of your page mainly in the word "Discount" .
Step 4: Click the word "Discount" on the upper right part of your page and you will see a series of instruction on how to use the promo code.
Step 5 After following the instrcuctions on how to apply the promo code , you will see in your Billing information the discounted price.
(Note: You Can only use the promo code once.)