Seismic Monitoring and Alarm System

Enyecontrols Seismic Monitoring and Alarm System package is specially designed to monitor seismic activity in the building. The system is composed of highly precised, servo balance accelerometers and multifunction networkable stand-alone controller. It monitors seismic activities 24/7. Unlike other accelerometers, Enyecontrols-Althen operates as a closed-loop torque balance servo system. A mass acts like a pendulum that develops a torque proposal to the product of its mass unbalance and the applied acceleration.

The output voltage/current of an accelerometer will be gathered by the multifunction stand-alone controller for data recording purposes. Since the controller is a multifunction, it can adopt to other systems like triggering FDAS or sound alarm in-case of detection. The client may apply different sequence of operation to satisfy their actual needs.

    • Easy push button and knob for actual data reading of seismic activity.
    • Multi password for different users\' levels.

    • Multifunction programming that allows programming of different control and monitor parameters to tailor-fit the system to the specific requirements.

    • Native BACnet for BEMS requirement
    • UL listed

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