Life & Property Safety System (Stairwell Pressurization System)

The system are consist of the following:
1. Stairwell Pressurization System
2. Fire and Smoke Protection System
3. Smoke Extraction System

1.Stairwell Pressurization System:

The main objective of this system is to maintain the differential pressure between the staircase and hallway of the building. This is to ensure positive pressure in the staircase thus assuring safe passage of the building tenants during fire emergency. Ensuring positive pressure in the staircase will makes the fire exit door easy to open it also prevents the smoke to enter the staircase.

    1.Stairwell Pressurization System:

    • The user can adjust the set point as per requirement.
    •  Configurable display
    •  Enclosure for added protection and easy installation complete w/ step down transformer, terminal blocks and auto/manual switch.

    1.Stairwell Pressurization System: 

    • Easy programming that allows tailor-fitting of the different controls parameters to tailor-fit to the specific requirement. 
     2.Fire and Smoke Protection System:

    • The efficiency of the smoke extraction system depends on the designed system.

    1.Stairwell Pressurization System:                                                      

    • Open for additional I/O points.

    1.Stairwell Pressurization System:  

    •  Controller is expandable for additional controls and open for a full BMS option.
    • Remote control & monitoring option
    • Log-in/data retrieving capabilities 

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